Christmas in Argentina

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Christmas in Argentina


Preparations for Christmas in Argentina began in late November already. Argentinians celebrate Advent (this word stands for Coming in Latin) – which starts on 1st of December.Christians use the four Sundays and weeks before Christmas Eve to prepare for that great day and remember the real meaning of Christmas. On 8th of December most people decorate christmas trees, during the feast of Annunciation (That’s the day when Mary was told she would born baby Jesus). Christmas tree is decorated with colorful lights, paper ornaments. Santa Claus figure is placed on top of the tree. People put Father Christmas or Santa Claus Boots at the door and decorate houses with red and white garlands, sometimes they use some fairy lights. Of course Christmas is celebrated on the 25 th of December.


Just like in Australia, you won’t see any snow during Christmas in Argentina. It can seem extraordinary for you, that on December it’s the middle of the summer here – but you need to know that all of the countries located in the southern hemisphere has reversed seasons (Christmas in Brazil, Australia etc. are snowless).


Christmas in Argentina is an occasion for extended family members to get together. On Christmas Eve people go to local churches and then they go back to home for a huge feast. Argentinian Christmas dinner is served on the evening or in the night of 24th December. Menu contains dishes like roast pork, roast peackock with stuffed tomatoes, Christmas bread and puddings, mince pies, sweet bread topped with fruits and nuts and many more. There is also very popular traditional dish called Ninosenvuettas – it’s a steak served with minced meat, onions, boiled eggs and different spices.

All the family members drank juices, cider and beers while waiting for the time to toast. After the toast people chat or play some games together. Grown-ups usually chat and dance while kids have fun watching some fireworks blow up (at the midnight of 24th December fireworks can be heard almost everywhere – it’s like another New Year Eve celebrations for Argentinians) or they just play some games together. Thre is also this beautiful tradition, people light up flying chinese lanterns called globos which take off in to the sky while lit from inside. Thousands of colorful paper ballons fill up the argentinian sky at the midnight. What a breathtaking view.


Local Christmas traditions are a combination of European, American and Hispanic conventions. Christmas in Argentina is called La Navidad, and Argentinians great each other with words Feliz Navidad which stands for Merry Christmas.

Christmas in Argentina include customs like enacting scene from Nativity (called pesebre here), decorating Christmas tree, exchanging gifts so it’s mostly just like in USA.

The Christmas are celebrated for twelve days and last untill January 6 (Three Kings Day) with another huge feast.



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